Sunday, August 30, 2009

I've been so swamped!!

So sorry that I have not updated my blog so long. My flight delayed (this is the problem when you have to go through Chicago), plus the airline lost my luggage. Then the following day, we had to start moving back in to our home, which is only half way done. My work has been beyond crazy too.

Anyway, I didn't get to see much in the Netherlands, but I took some pics in Amsterdam (where I stayed only to fly in and out. My work was in Nijmegen.) I have been to Amsterdam before, so I didn't do much of tourist-y thing. I wish I could have bought lots of gorgeous tulip bulbs, but it is very hard to grow tulip here in SoCal (plus we only have a patio....)

From now on, it's going to be sporadic updates due to my work, I'll try my best to keep this blog going.....


アムステルダムは飛行場を利用するだけに宿泊したのと (仕事はナイメヘンという町でした) 、以前にもいったことがあったので、観光客らしいことはしませんでしたが、少しだけ写真を撮ったので、載せてみました。チューリップの球根を買いたかったのですが、冬らしい冬のない南カリフォルニアでは、チューリップを育てるのは結構大変なので(おまけに家にはベランダしかないし)、買うのは諦めました。


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'll be in the Netherlands until the 16th for my work. I'll post some updates after I come back....


Monday, August 3, 2009

Freebie 3

I stitched a lovely heart from here. I saw many have stitched this, and all of them were so pretty that I wanted to stitch it. I am thinking of making a lavender sachet, so instead of stitching the other side, I am going to use some fabric (I don't think I have anything that goes well in my stash, though.) I would like to make another sachet using the reverse chart...

I used belfast 36ct flax (as usual) and caron waterlilies cherry cordial. The thread color is actually a little more mauve-y than pink, although it is variegated quite a bit (from pink-beige to pale pink to rose to mauve to rose-brown to pearl gray.....) it's such a pretty thread. I tried to use more lighter colored part than gray-brown part.


使った布はいつもの belfast 36ct flax で、糸は caron の waterlilies cherry cordial です。糸は写真よりもう少し落ち着いた感じの色で、かなり段染めが激しいです。桜色、桃色、蘇芳色、薔薇色、黒真珠色、鈍色なあ~んてちょっと優雅に呼びたくなるような本当に綺麗な色です。刺すときに一応、薄めの色のところを多く使うようにしてみました。