Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another project 'pumpkin patch'

It's very early, but I started working on a Halloween project. My hubby's birthday is actually Oct 31, so I like to decorate the house with lots of Halloween themed stuff. But we lost most of the deco due to the fire, so I have to start making more now!

I am currently working on 'In the Pumpkin Patch' by Blue Ribbon Designs. I love BRD's design. They have otherHalloween-themed items that I want to stitch.

My fabric: Belfast Antique blush (I think) 32 ct 2 over 2 (I wanted to do 1 over 1, but there are some half stitches)

Threads: The chart is coded for Crescent Colors, but I am using AVAS. Here is the substitution:

CC ---------------DMC----------AVAS
Lobster Claw-----900-----------2646
Sassy Brass------780/782-------2534
Weeping Willow--3051----------3723

When I started stitching, I noticed that 2 over 2 on 32 ct is really huge. Larger than MW....wait?! I though I was stitching Mary on 32ct Flax!!! Apparently, it was 36ct, not 32ct. No wonder the fabric
seems to be too big comparing with the amount of the area I have already done. Oh well......

Blue Ribbon Designs の 'In the Pumpkin Patch' です。Blue Ribbon Designs のデザインは、とっても可愛くって、お気に入りのものがいっぱいです。ほかにもハロウィーンをテーマにしたデザインがあるので、それも刺してみたいです。 

Belfast Antique blush 32 ct だと思います。ちょっと黄味がかったいい色です。 2 over 2 で刺していますが、で、でかい!あれ?ということは、いままでメアリーちゃんはbelfast 32 ct の Flax に刺していると思っていたのですが、実は 36ct だったのかも?ひゃ~~どうりで布が刺した範囲に比べて大きすぎるはずです。

Crescent Colors ですが、いつものようにAVAS を使っています。下に色番号をいちおう書いておきます。

CC ---------------DMC----------AVAS
Lobster Claw-----900-----------2646
Sassy Brass------780/782-------2534
Weeping Willow--3051----------3723

AVAS 2 over は本当にぷくぷくです。

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mary and Popeye

I finally started on part-2 of MW, although the progress picture doesn't show much progress at all. Anyway, I cannot wait to stitch Popeye the squirrel! I am so looking forward to it. I am most likely use only one color for the branches. By the way, what is the little creature right above the squirrel? a porcupine?

Oh, lastly, I finally went to buy a substitute color for DMC 3855. I chose AVAS 2611. It's a very soft creamy color. I love it so much that I'd love to use that for a baby item (though I don't have one!) in the future....

やっとメアリーちゃん、part-2 にとりかかりました。とはいっても、まったく変わりばえの無い経過写真です。早くガッツポーズのリスちゃん(わたしはかってにポパイという名前をつけてますが)を刺したいです。たぶん枝のところは一色にしてしまうつもりなんですが、みなさんはチャートどおり刺してらっしゃるのでしょうか。ちなみに、最後まで決まらなかったDMC 3855 の代用をやっと買ってきました。 AVAS 2611 で、黄色がかったクリーム色で、とっても可愛くて、お気に入りです。将来ベビー用品にぜひ使ってみたいです(といってもまだうちは子供がいないのですが。)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Part-1 finished!

Finally I am done with part-1 (except a few stitches for the flowers since it continues to part-2) . I also stitched a bit of part-4 to see the color I chose as a substitute for DMC 963 (AVAS 2941) would look OK. Ahhhhh. It's tooooo blight as I suspected. It looks like neon pink among all the other subdued colors. I tried a different color that I had in hand (AVAS 4633). Looks much better, even though it's quite different from the original DMC color. I am going to use AVAS 1012 for DMC 225, there is not much choice left for pale pink that actually shows up on my fabric. I think I'll stick to AVAS 4633 for now.

やっと part-1 終わりました(といってもカーネーションっぽいモチーフは part-2 とつながっているので、全部刺し終えていません)。 あと、 part-4 の最初のモチーフをちょこっと刺してみました。というのも、 DMC 963 の代わりに選んだ AVAS 2941 がどう見てもちょっと派手派手。実際に刺してみると.......やっぱり!周りの中間色に比べると蛍光ピンク!って感じでだめです。ほどいて手持ちのAVAS 4633 を使って再挑戦。こっちのほうがましです。元の色とかなり違うのですが、DMC 225の代わりにAVAS1012を使うことにしてしまったので、ほかに薄めのピンクがないんです。とりあえずAVAS 4633 でいくことにします。

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Info on asymmetry and update on Mary 1-5

Jen has again kindly posted some adjustments for asymmetric motifs from part-3 and 4 (here and here). Thank you always, Jen!

いつものように、Jenさんが、part-3とpart-4の中の左右不対照なモチーフの変更例をブログにアップロードしてくださってます(ここここ)。 いつもありがとうございます!!!

I finished the green tea colored motif, finally. I wasn't really paying attention to the details of this motif, but once I'm done. I realized how cute the little bits that line up in circle are!


I changed the mini yellow motif in between two flower motifs tiny bit so that it'd be symmetrical. I am almost done with part-1. YAY!


Monday, June 22, 2009

No stitching for the weekend because....

I couldn't make much progress for MW this weekend. We had to spend hours in Lowes and Home Depot for our house....It was a death march! My legs and feet hurt so bad!!!!!

We are not remodeling our house or building a 'new' house. 10 days after we got married, our house was burned down due to fire of unknown cause. (It was the night before Thanksgiving...actually, the morning of Thanksgiving, since it was 3:00 am). I heard a loud noise in the first floor (it sounded like something heavy fell), and our bedroom on the 2nd floor shook quite a bit. I thought it was an earthquake. However, something was 'off'. I woke my husband and went to check out the downstairs, which was covered with flames. We lost pretty much everything......

It's has been a long long process to rebuild our house. We finally came to the point that we get to pick bathroom floors, kitchen cabinet, faucet, etc. We are hoping to get our house back in August.

今週末はMaryちゃん、全然進みませんでした。実はLowes とかHome Depotとか(アメリカのDIY・ホームセンター)に入り浸ってました。



Friday, June 19, 2009

Mary Wigham part 1-4

Here is another update. It's going really slowly. I am struggling with the green motif, though I love the color. It looks yummy (reminds me of green tea). I love the dusty mauve color that I chose for the flowery motif! I hope I can finish up Part-1 before Monday (wishful thinking...).


I also made some pins using swarovski beads, since the beads were on sale at Michaels. It was so much fun! I am thinking of getting more beads.....


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freebie 1 and Mary update 1-3

I've been working on this too besides Mary.

This is a famous freebie from swappons (click here. for the chart). I am thinking of framing it afterward and put it in the kitchen.

My Mary is going very slowly. At least I like the new colors I picked instead of white & ecre. I love looking at other SAL participants pics, especially the ones stitched with a gradation of one hue. I am in love with the one by a French stitcher and a Japanese stitcher who use mauve /purple /pink /lavender. Those are my favorite colors. Maybe I will use these colors in my next quaker sampler (first, finish this one!!!)

MW といえば、指定糸ではなくて、同系色で刺していらっしゃる方がけっこういますね。とっても素敵です。特にフランスと日本のSALで見かけたモーヴ系(私の一番好きな色)にあこがれますが、自分のセンスに自信がないので、とっても惹かれるのですが、今回はやっぱり多色でいきます。(やっぱり最初のクウェーカーサンプラーだし、一度は多色使いを刺して見たかったし.....) 今度クウェーカーにチャレンジするときにはぜひ同系色で刺してみたいです(妄想中.....)。MaryのほかにFreebieなどにも浮気しています。

More threads

I went to LYS to get the rest of the threads. I also realized that white or ecre do not how up on my fabric....that means 739 (very light tan) or off white won't be visible either. Here is my complete list of threads. (the new threads are written in purple) I have not decided on the substitute for 3855.

725 ----- 2514
407 ----- S4152 (quite lighter than 407)
356 ----- 2633
963 ----- 2941 (this seems to be soooo pink. I might change my mind on this one later...)
3857 ----- 4624
3768 ----- 1745
3052 ----- 3723
ecre ----- 5112
930 ----- 1715 (very similar to 1745)
white ----- 3413
739 ----- S2860
3822 ----- 2543
927 ----- 5382
934 ----- 3425
352 ----- 932
435 ----- 4235
225 ----- 1012

3855 ----- haven't bought yet
433 ----- 4516
519 ----- 1722

746 ----- S2578

Sorry for the burr image. My blackberry doesn't take a greatest pic...

I finally finished the first motif! This was actually quite challenging for me. I adjusted the chart so that it'd be symmetrical.

Flax というのがくせもので、微妙に薄い色なので、白や生成りの色が全然映えません。自然なリネンの色を狙ったつもりだったのですが、もう少し濃い色だったたらよかったんですね~ 

739もそのまんまではだめだろうということで色を変えることにしました。実際、DMCのオフホワイトと739に一番近いAVASの色を布にあててみたんですが、やっぱり無理そう。 うす紫っぽい色や、モーヴ、ベージュなどを近所のお店で選んできました。選んだ色は、上記を見てください(むらさきで書いてあるものが今日新しく買ってきたものです)。2941だけはなんだか超ど派手ピンクのような気がするのですが(写真でもひとつだけ、めちゃくちゃ目だってます)。 どうしよう.........


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mary Wigham part 1-2

Here is the progess. I am still thinking of the choice of the colors I made.....I changed white > ecre/2541, and am going to buy pale lavender color as a replacement of ecre. But 2541 doesn't seem to show well on the fabric I choose....hmmm what should I do?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mary Wigham 1790 Part 1

I went to get the threads for the first part of Mary Wigham sampler. Here is the substitution I made:

725 ----- 2514
407 ----- S4152 (quite lighter than 407)
356 ----- 2633
3768 ----- 1745
3052 ----- 3723
ecre ----- 2541
930 ----- 1715 (very similar to 1745)
white ----- blanc
3822 ----- 2543
927 ----- 5382
934 ----- 3425

I will post a pic when I find my camera.
I am stitching 2 over 2.....whoa! big fat crosses! I just finished a small project on DMC linen 28 ct 1 over 1 using caron waterlilies. What a big difference! The stitches are so chubby that I feel like I am making a tapestry using wool.

Aaaaaah. I changed it to 1 over 2. Much better (or at least easier!)

I also decided to change some of the colors

white ----- 2541 (was supposed to be for ecre)
Ecre ------ will find a lavender-ish color
I added a pic too.

選んだ糸の写真を撮ってみました。DMCの代わりにAu ver a soie d'Alger (AVAS)を使う予定です。とりあえず、パート1に使う色だけを買ってきました。最初は2 over 2でちょこっとやってみたんですけど、あああああ、無理でした。むちむちです。1 over 2でいきます。

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mary Wigham 1790

I joined SAL for Mary Wigham 1790 sampler. The chart is generously offered by Shari.

I choose
32 Count Belfast Linen in Flax from my stash for the fablic. I would like to use AVAS, but it seems I only have several colors that I can use. See how it goes....I am so excited. I found these fantastic pics (here and here too), which shows DMC to AVA conversion, so asked Nadine what color she used. She kindly shared with me which color she picked. Elle etait tres gentile! Her first part is also amasing! I originally thought of using fabric that is more yellowish, but her pic made me think of making my MW more french country-esq, rather than antique/early american-like. You can read more in detail in her blog.

Mary Wigham 1790 samplerのSAL(アメリカ)に参加することにしました Mary WighamのチャートはShariさんのブログからダウンロードできます。

32 カウントのBelfastを使ってステッチすることにしました。色はFlaxです。在庫にあったからなんですが、本当はもうすこし黄味がかった、アンティークっぽい色にするつもりだったんですが、フランスのナディーンさんのブログの写真(これ)を見てから、「別にオリジナルにそっくりじゃなきゃいけないってわけじゃないのね。」と思い立ち、ちょっとかわいく、フレンチカントリーっぽくできたらいいかなーと思って、Flaxを使うことにしました。ナディーンさんのに似た、もっと白っぽいリネンもあるのですが、白や生成りの色がうまく出ないと思い、やめました。あとは糸を選らばなければ。Au ver a soie d'algerを使いたいので、DMCの色見本と比べてみたけれど....む、むずかしい....

同じくナディーンさんのブログにDMCとAVASを比較したとてもとても美しい写真が載っていて、(これこれこれ)さっそく何色を使うことにしたのか聞いちゃいました。私の在庫にあったのはたった3色! やっぱり買いに走るしかないか....