Thursday, June 25, 2009

Part-1 finished!

Finally I am done with part-1 (except a few stitches for the flowers since it continues to part-2) . I also stitched a bit of part-4 to see the color I chose as a substitute for DMC 963 (AVAS 2941) would look OK. Ahhhhh. It's tooooo blight as I suspected. It looks like neon pink among all the other subdued colors. I tried a different color that I had in hand (AVAS 4633). Looks much better, even though it's quite different from the original DMC color. I am going to use AVAS 1012 for DMC 225, there is not much choice left for pale pink that actually shows up on my fabric. I think I'll stick to AVAS 4633 for now.

やっと part-1 終わりました(といってもカーネーションっぽいモチーフは part-2 とつながっているので、全部刺し終えていません)。 あと、 part-4 の最初のモチーフをちょこっと刺してみました。というのも、 DMC 963 の代わりに選んだ AVAS 2941 がどう見てもちょっと派手派手。実際に刺してみると.......やっぱり!周りの中間色に比べると蛍光ピンク!って感じでだめです。ほどいて手持ちのAVAS 4633 を使って再挑戦。こっちのほうがましです。元の色とかなり違うのですが、DMC 225の代わりにAVAS1012を使うことにしてしまったので、ほかに薄めのピンクがないんです。とりあえずAVAS 4633 でいくことにします。


  1. Goodness, it seems to me you are moving very fast on this. I am really really slow and I haven't started so I will be very far behind. So, with all this stitching, I guess your Totally Useless Container is filling up quickly? (LOL)

  2. Oh Thank you. I'm actually shocked to see some people have finished part-3 or 4! I rotate my fabric while stitching, so I often end up messing with the order of crossing (either right to left is on top or left to right is on top), and have to rip :(

    My TUC is not filling up, because I use super short petite needles (because I am so stingy!), so that I have very little to waste. I wouldn't care if I was using DMC, but silk threads are not cheap :P

  3. Thank you for your comment on my Mary! Yes, I am using DMC on Permin Lambswool - exactly as prescribed by Jacqueline... :)

    I like your colors too! Great progress!

  4. こんにちは、SALにご一緒させて頂いているumicoです。

  5. コメントどうもありがとうございます!umicoさんこそとっても素敵でハイセンスなブログで、いつもため息をつきながら拝見させてもらっています。とくに繊細なタッセルに感動しています。まだはじめたばかりのブログですが、どうぞ遊びにきてやってください。