Monday, June 22, 2009

No stitching for the weekend because....

I couldn't make much progress for MW this weekend. We had to spend hours in Lowes and Home Depot for our house....It was a death march! My legs and feet hurt so bad!!!!!

We are not remodeling our house or building a 'new' house. 10 days after we got married, our house was burned down due to fire of unknown cause. (It was the night before Thanksgiving...actually, the morning of Thanksgiving, since it was 3:00 am). I heard a loud noise in the first floor (it sounded like something heavy fell), and our bedroom on the 2nd floor shook quite a bit. I thought it was an earthquake. However, something was 'off'. I woke my husband and went to check out the downstairs, which was covered with flames. We lost pretty much everything......

It's has been a long long process to rebuild our house. We finally came to the point that we get to pick bathroom floors, kitchen cabinet, faucet, etc. We are hoping to get our house back in August.

今週末はMaryちゃん、全然進みませんでした。実はLowes とかHome Depotとか(アメリカのDIY・ホームセンター)に入り浸ってました。



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