Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Info on asymmetry and update on Mary 1-5

Jen has again kindly posted some adjustments for asymmetric motifs from part-3 and 4 (here and here). Thank you always, Jen!

いつものように、Jenさんが、part-3とpart-4の中の左右不対照なモチーフの変更例をブログにアップロードしてくださってます(ここここ)。 いつもありがとうございます!!!

I finished the green tea colored motif, finally. I wasn't really paying attention to the details of this motif, but once I'm done. I realized how cute the little bits that line up in circle are!


I changed the mini yellow motif in between two flower motifs tiny bit so that it'd be symmetrical. I am almost done with part-1. YAY!


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