Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not so progress report on Mary 2-2 and PP too

I haven't done much on Mary, but here is another pic. Finally I started on Popeye the squirrel motif. I didn't use two colors for the branches as I mentioned before.


I restarted the pumpkin with new threads, but it doesn't look anything like the sample! WTH? Oh well, I'll just go as is. It's very cute, if you don't compare it with the sample. I am very much enjoying stitching with Crescent Colours thread. This is my first time using their thread. I like the variegation very much, although some color is more variegated than others. Especially I love Weeping Willow. Another green tea color that makes me want to have some Japanese sweet with macha tea.

パンプキンは新たに買ってきた Crescent Colours の糸で刺し直しです。でも、見本と全然違う!!!なぜ???もう仕方がないのでこのまま突き進みます。見本と比べなければ、十分可愛いです。 Crescent Colours の糸は今回初めて使うんですが、とてもいい感じです。特に Weeping Willow がお気に入り。またもや抹茶色です。おいしい和菓子が食べたくなって困っています。

My hubby loved the first pumpkin I finished, saying that it reminds him of the pumpkin curving contest his elementary school had when he was cute.


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